Accounting & Bookkeeping Services in Atlanta

Is Gonzalez & Company the “Right Fit” for your Company accounting & bookkeeping needs?

Choosing the right accounting & bookkeeping solutions firm is one of the most important decisions you will make for your company. The right accounting team and Trusted Advisor can either make or break your company.  We analyze every aspect of your business to identify systems and processes that are in need of improvements.

Let Us Help

Gonzalez & Company has 11 years of a proven track record of helping clients create the strategies, infrastructure, and standardized processes needed to run successful, scalable leading-edge companies.

The most successful leaders and managers are well aware that investing in quality services and advice is an investment that pays for itself many times over. Hiring the right accounting and bookkeeping services firm should include seeking a company that invests in:

  •   The best technology
  •   Hiring the right staff
  •   and Education for both staff and clients

Our Perfect Client

A “Right Fit” client of Gonzalez & Company is a client who is seeking a true ally and partner when selecting their accounting and bookkeeping firm. Most importantly our clients understand the value of having access to the leading web-based (SaaS) technology solutions that provide them with access to their information from anywhere. These includes Key Performance Indicator and Critical Success Factor “Snapshots” that provide highlighted information about the company’s ongoing operations, suggestions where opportunities for improvement are noted.

Our clients understand that in order to hire and retain the talented and dedicated staff that they WANT on their team, we address the ongoing need to provide our staff with excellent compensation and benefits packages. Along with continuing education, access to support and development resources, and access to the technology solutions they need to meet the diverse needs of the clients they serve. Our “Right Fit” clients realize that they receive a return on their investment that could not be found anywhere else. Many of our clients have been with us since our first months of operation.

We’ll Save You Time

Outsourcing your bookkeeping & Accounting to Gonzalez & Company has many benefits. You’ll get back more hours in your day to spend how you like, whether it be running your business or spending time with your family. Our clients also appreciate the peace of mind our services bring, knowing that their books are up-to-date, accurate and their obligations are being met.

Our team can handle all aspects of bookkeeping including;

  1. Accounts Payable
  2. Accounts Receivable
  3. Weekly and monthly reporting
  4. Financial statement preparation
  5. Credit card reconciliations,
  6. Cash balance tracking,
  7. General ledger maintenance,
  8. Monthly closings,
  9. Payroll processing
  10. Cash Flow Management
  11. Budgeting
  12. Forecasting

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