Accounts Receivable

Invoicing your clients is one simple task that brings in cash but many small business owners fail to do. Automating this task can help you do more in your business while doing less. We help you design and maintain procedures to alleviate this issue.


Accounts Receivable Functions Performed Daily or Weekly based on your Agreement.

Get your invoices out promptly and send monthly statements on the date of your choice. Based on the information you provide to us during each customer/client billing cycle (or information regarding automatic recurring charges), Gonzalez & Company prepares your sales invoice. We email you the final invoice for approval. Invoices can then be sent to the recipient via email or U.S. mail.

See the illustration below on how we address invoicing for our clients.

  • Record Sales Invoices for Client approval
  • Email/Mail Customer Invoices and Statements
  • Record Customer Payments and credits
  • Track Customer Under or Over Payment
  • Account Receivable Aging Report

Before depositing in the bank, scan or copy the deposit slip and each of the items to be deposited. Then include the copy or forward the scan to your account along with your other documents for processing. Your Gonzalez & Company bookkeeper will post the customer payments against the appropriate customer invoices and record the bank deposit.

Benefits of Gonzalez & Company Bill Payment Services

By outsourcing your business accounts receivable, we can help you save time. by eliminating double entry and human error. We will implement ACH payments to expedite the receive of all customer’s payments. We also help you reduce the risk of theft. All systems are in your control to monitor.

For the most streamlined billing and payment process, many of our clients choose to use the integrated credit card processing options available through or QuickBooks Online. The use of these options can dramatically reduce accounting time and costs. If you are interested in learning more, click here!