Accurate Bookkeeping Services in Atlanta

A solid foundation of bookkeeping is the key to running a successful business and staying on the right side of the IRS. However, small businesses are constantly faced with an array of challenges, including the difficulty of balancing time and resources.

Keeping clean, accurate and up-to-date books is absolutely vital to running your business, but allocating time and staff to deal with it can be a challenge, especially for small businesses. That’s where Gonzalez & Company come in.

Let us help

The team at Gonzalez & Company have crafted a suite of bookkeeping, payroll, tax and business advice solutions, which have designed with local small businesses in mind. All our services are tailored to suit your individual situation and needs.

Quality bookkeeping brings peace of mind

Julio Gonzalez, founder of Gonzalez & Company, has been working as a qualified agent for more than a decade. During this time, we’ve gained valuable experience by helping our clients with their bookkeeping needs. Bookkeeping is one of those things that should be left to the experts. Doing it yourself, just like building a house or servicing a car, can be risky, damaging and costly. We also understand that many people are just busy running their business and don’t have the time to look after reconciliations or reports, which is where we can help.

We’ll save you time

Handing over your bookkeeping to Gonzalez & Company has many benefits. You’ll get back more hours in your day to spend how you like, whether it be running your business or spending time with your family. Our clients also appreciate the peace of mind our services bring, knowing that their books are up-to-date, accurate and their obligations are being met.

Our team can handle all aspects of bookkeeping including accounts payable and receivable, weekly and monthly reporting, financial statement preparation, balance sheets, credit card reconciliations, cash balance tracking, general ledger maintenance, monthly closings, sales rep commission tracking and reconciliation and QuickBooks support and file cleanup.

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