Tax Planning Process

Before we begin our engagement, we’ll perform an assessment on your prior-year tax reporting, and complete a questionnaire to analyze the possible tax savings missed in the prior years. Our process address over 160 key points in a tax return to identify potential tax savings ideas. For most clients, we find large deductions missed in their income tax returns.

After assessment completion, we will address the failed tax planning from your prior accountant. A tax planning report will be provided to your business with these items in detail of the plan and the laws behind them. This will give you an idea of the level of advisory services we provide to all our clients.

Business Procedure Assessment

A business system and procedure assessment will be implemented for your overall business. Here we’ll understand how your company’s entire accounting operation is been handle. Systems and procedures for;

We’ll look at the current issues and goals to seek the right solution to the challenges. We’ll meet monthly or quarterly to follow up on the improvement and identify any flaws. Having a constant communication with your company will help us reach the maximum value we want to provide you. In these meetings, we will learn how you operate and you will learn how we operate. Therefore creating the perfect environment for better profitability.

The Engagement

Once we identify the problems and solutions to those challenges, we can provide you a well-defined plan. In this proposal, we’ll present the services we believe will help us create these solutions and the upkeep of them. Maintaining accurate and reliable financials takes time. That is why our services are delivered on a daily and weekly basis to identify challenges early on the game.