Payroll Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

Doing your own payroll can be a nightmare for any business, regardless of the number of employees, industry, or size of the business. There are so many things you need to be aware of when processing payroll, including relevant tax implications and obligations, leave tracking and overtime payments. In between compliance issues, calculating payments for different employee types and filing payroll taxes, managing payroll can feel like a full-time job. Despite its difficulty, payroll is such an important part of your business that you can’t afford to get it wrong. Our team have the experience to ensure your payroll runs smoothly your employees are paid correctly.

Your Gonzalez & Company bookkeeper either processes payroll using our in-house system or makes the necessary entries to record payroll processed by a third-party provider. We will work with you to decide what option best suits your needs. In either case, payroll entries will include complete recording of gross wages, employer taxes and other payroll expenses, and payroll liabilities, and quarterly and annual reconciliation of general ledger balances to payroll returns. You are simply asked to ensure that funds are available in the account from which payroll will be drafted. See more information about this under Banking Activities.

Gonzalez & Company offers a variety of payroll processing options to suit the needs of your business. However,
in order for Gonzalez & Company to process payroll using our in-house services, all employees must be paid via
Direct Deposit. Otherwise, we are happy to work with your third-party payroll provider.

We’ll Handle It

If you’re struggling to keep up with your payroll obligations, consider outsourcing it to Gonzalez & Company. Our experienced payroll professionals take the guesswork out of payroll. We’ll handle all aspects of your payroll;

  • Tax filing and reporting needs,
  • Accurately and on time.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly processing,
  • Handle direct deposits,
  • Federal and State tax filings,
  • provide customized payroll reports, weekly or monthly bookkeeping summaries,
  • Preparation of W-2’s and W-3’s,
  • Preparation of 1099s,
  • worker’s compensation audits and unemployment claims.

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