Why Businesses Need Accounts Payable Outsourcing

accounts payable outsourcing

Handling incoming and outgoing checks and invoices is an integral function of the accounts payable department of any business organization.

As the company grows, the AP department has to keep up with the ever-increasing challenges that come with it.

This could be a daunting task for an in-house team thus the need to consider outsourcing the service to streamline the accounting and finance operations.

Many companies in the current business environment have resorted to restructuring their internal processes by integrating automated accounts payable tools to their AP department.

It is to keep up with the competitive trend that exists in the 21st – century business operations.

This might, however, prove to be rather costly and time consuming especially for small and medium-sized businesses as it is a non-core business activity.

Thus said, it is ideal to consider accounts payable outsourcing services from firms that specialize in the undertaking with expertise and professionalism.

Why Businesses Need Accounts Payable Outsourcing

The major reason why companies are encouraged to outsource accounts payable services is the need to improve accuracy, save on time, cut costs, exercise professionalism and streamline the operation among other things.

This will allow staff to make time for other core business activities that will enhance business operations.

Here is a look at the pros and cons of outsourcing:-

Pros Of Outsourcing

Below are some of the pros of outsourcing that you can expect –

Faster Results

Manual processing of accounts payable is cumbersome thus the need to embrace new technologies that come with AP automation.

The tools used by outsourced providers are time-saving and improve workflows. Your preferred service provider will generate the required results faster and clearly at a fraction of the cost.

Quicker payments will, in turn, lead to better supplier relationships.

Accounting system integration

The outsourced company will help upgrade your accounting system by integrating it with theirs. This will streamline how your finance and accounting department operates regardless of your current system.

Stronger security

The risk of fraud in payments and non-compliance of vendors increases as your business grows.

Outsourcing AP services will give you access to resources that eliminate these risks by running extensive audits. Most of the fraud cases are prevalent in paper processing.

Outsourced AP service providers have the tools and expertise required to efficiently manage the risks that commonly occur on paper checks, invoices, and receipts.

Fewer errors

Having limited human intervention in the accounts payable process leads to higher data accuracy.

The automated processes handled by professionals of the outsourced company minimize common mistakes that are likely to occur in the tracking of accounts using spreadsheets which might already be erroneous.

Errors not only lead to costs but will also cause grave problems during an audit and even result in compliance issues depending on your industry.

AP outsourcing companies follow the best practices and use tools that discover errors thus averting liabilities.

Lower costs

There is a significant reduction in costs as having an in-house accounts payable department will involve hiring staff and acquiring equipment as well as programs to perform the operations.

There is no need to constantly upgrade infrastructure and training of manpower since the AP automation is taken care of by the outsourced company.

This, in turn, leads to lower processing costs as there are no overhead expenses.

Constant coverage

It is the responsibility of the outsourcing firm to have multiple employees that are trained to handle all your AP requirements at all times.

This helps you keep track of the accounts even if some of your employees are not present in the case where you are using an in-house AP department where a supervisor steps in to manage the schedule.

Automated tracking

You will be able to track each process being carried out remotely by the outsourcing company at any time.

This gives you real-time access to information related to your accounts payable thus you will not be left in the dark.

Tighter controls

Outsourcing accounts payable services make sure that you never lose or overlook invoices as your provider will have a reliable system to control procedures and track your papers.

This, in turn, lessens the hustle of locating documents that are needed.

Better resources

A reliable AP service provider will provide you with intelligence on the necessary avenues of improvement.

They will enlighten you on the latest technologies that have personalized advancement opportunities in the current market.

Their system will increase your bandwidth thus you can handle larger volumes that come with seasonal changes such as end-year surges.

It is cheaper to outsource accounts payable services since these providers have the necessary resources to optimize your process including automation and reporting tools.

Cons Of Outsourcing

Error reporting issues

Most outsourcing firms carry out their audits leaving your management wondering where the problems still visible in the AP department come from should something go wrong.


You are left to depend entirely on the outsourcing company to do your crucial work and should a mishap such as bankruptcy or security breach occur, then your AP process will be at risk.

Exceptions processing

Outsourcing firms prefer handling a low cost per invoice thus if you have certain exceptions in the workflow they will prefer that you take care of them.

Handing over control

Most businesses that had an in-house AP department have a difficult time controlling how the process takes place once it is handed over to the outsourcing firm.

When the AP is handled internally, it is easy to speak to staff at any time and gather information on the progress.

Outsourcing Your Accounts Payable

It is clear that there are more pros than cons in accounts payable outsourcing but should you prefer to have an in-house department then consider investing in accounts payable automation.

In the long run, you will spend significantly less money and time outsourcing the services thus increasing efficiency.

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